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  1. Full Name of the Applicant : 

  2. Registered Office Address : 

    Phone :   
        Fax :   
    E-Mail :(*)
    Website : 

  3. Describe briefly the type of business, services and products 

  4. We designate the following person as our Representative in the IACC
    Representative :
    Designation :     

  5. Type of membership :
    Ordinary/Associate/Association Rs 7,500/- (For turnover exceeding Rs.5 core)
    Rs 5,000/- (For turnover upto Rs.5 core)
    Patron (One time payment) Rs. 1,00,000/-
    Overseas-Corporate US$ 1,000/-
    Overseas-Individual US$ 350/-
    ADMISSION FEE (One time payment) Rs. 2500/-
    Additional Membership Rs. 2500/- per member
    (Member organisation may nominate one or more of their executives to become Additional Member(s) on the payment of an annual subscription of Rs. 2,500/- per member)
    Additional Representative :
    Designation :
  6. Give financial and operational statistics for the year ended Net Worth
     Number of employees:

    Also, if a joint stock company, is the applicant registered in India as a Company Incorporated under the Indian Companies Act ?
    If yes,
    a. Please state the place and date of registration
    b. Total paid up Capital (Rs.)
    c. Share of foreign capital (Rs.)

  7. Whether member of local Trade Association/Chamber of Commerce/Export Promotion Council(give names)

  8. Present Connections in the United States of America, if any :

      Trading      Manufacturing       Services       Other

  9. Brief particulars of existing foreign collaborations or other relationships with the United States of America,if any :

    Name of the organisation :
    Nature of Collaboration/Relationaships:

  10. Areas of interest for commercial and industrial participation with the United States of America


For more information please contact
Fidelis Mascarenhas
Indo-American Chamber of Commerce
1-C, Vulcan Insurance Bldg.,
Veer Nariman Road, Churchgate
Mumbai 400020
Tel: 91 22 2282 1413 Fax: 91 22 2204 6141.
Email: fidelis.mascarenhas@indous.org


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